Friday, March 9, 2007

Survivor: Fiji

Anyone else not really enjoying this season's Survivor? It's becoming painful to watch. One group is starving and the other group is fat and happy. The most drama in their camp is a bunch of petty jealousy and two girls snarking at Dreamz (hello! He used to be homeless) because he didn't know how to use a French press to make his coffee. The other group is starving and tempers are flaring and they have no strength to win any reward or immunity challenges. Frankly, the game right now is not fair.

I hope next week the teams get shuffled up.


Jill said...

This season is as dull as dishwater. Mean girls, petty, preening boys. I think this recruiting out of L.A. is getting out of hand. So far only Earl and Yau are likeable at all. Rocky is clearly designed to be this season's Rob Mariano, but he is more like this season's Jamie Newton and I predict he'll be gone just before the merge.

If I were going to guess a final four right now, I'd guess Earl, Yau, Alex, and Dreamz. At least that's what I hope it'll be.

Joyce said...

Yao-Man looks so scrawny I'm actually afraid he's going to pass out. But he's a tough guy! I never did like Rocky ... he is way too driven by his emotions, in that "loose cannon" kinda way.

That's a good final four, although Dreamz definitely has a big target on his back right now.

Oh, and Lisi is driving me bonkers too, the little snoot.