Friday, March 16, 2007

Star Trek: New Voyages

Star Trek: New Voyages is a new series in the Star Trek franchise, and it will star George Takei reprising his original role as Lt. Sulu. So what? Well, there will be a gay-themed episode called "Blood and Fire." Read about it here.

Tip o' the pen to Elaine.
UPDATE/CORRECTION: New Voyages is a fan-produced series (there have been 3 episodes thus far) available for download for free. The series is a labor of love and not-for-profit.


Nick Moreau said...

You do realise that while Takei is appearing in "New Voyages", the series is a fan-made production with no association with Paramount, so it's by no means an official series?

Joyce said...

No, I had no idea, but that makes it even cooler. I liked the original series, TNG, and Voyager, but for some reason never could get hooked by DSN. Live long and prosper, Trekkers. ;-)

flash29 said...

Star Trek New Voyages -

Besides the 3 episodes ("In Harm's Way", "To Serve All My Days", "World Enough and Time"), there is also a vignette ("Center Seat").

Sorry if I gave you the impression that "Blood and Fire" was official.

Takei is not the only Trek actor to appear in a fan production. "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" - - has Tim Russ, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Garrett Wang, Chase Masterson, Gary Graham (ok, the last 2 weren't regulars).

Trek probably has more fan fiction and fan movies than any other series.

Joyce said...

Nope, it was an impression I got from not reading the whole article. :-)

Thanks for all the info.