Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So Glad to Be Back ... Not.

Yesterday was a barrel full o' fun! I slept the whole day. I was fighting off my significant other's cold the entire trip to California and it finally got the better of me. You know the drill: coughing, congestion, night sweats, and other things I shan't even mention. I'm better today but I can tell it'll be one of those "up and around for an hour" then "lie down and stare at the tv for two hours" days.

I'd say it's good to be home but two things are making me want to crawl back into bed and just stay there: (1) it's snowing in parts of Spokane County and (2) I haven't even installed TurboTax yet, much less begin inputting information. It's much more fun to blog and whine.

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