Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GPA Brackets

Check this out. It's completed brackets based on the teams' grade point averages.

(I know this is hard to see, so either click on the image, or a larger version is here.)

Note that Washington State beats Oral Roberts, but alas, they're taken out by Vanderbilt in the second round. Gotta crack the books more, boys!

Gonzaga? Destroyed by Indiana in the first round.

Do note that little ole Weber State, which won the Big Sky Conference this year, made it all the way to the Elite Eight. The Eastern Eagles beat Weber State, remember?

Now, you'd think the brains over at Stanford would take it all, but they get knocked out by the University of Virginia.

Who wins? Holy Cross beats Michigan State. Holy cow.

Tip o' the pen to Inside Higher Education.

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