Saturday, March 10, 2007

Derby Prep Races in Full Swing

Everybody hop on board your Derby horse!

There are three prep races today: the Louisiana Derby, the Gotham, and the El Camino Real Derby. The last is at Bay Meadows, my favorite track.

In the El Camino Real, I like Bwana Bull to win, followed by Court the King and Brave Sun. (6,3,2)

In the Louisiana Derby, I'll go with Circular Quay since a certain cyber flirt I know favors this horse. (1)

In the Gotham, I'll go with Wafi City simply because I like his trainer, Kiaran McLaughlin; still, it's hard not to like Mint Slewlep because of his cute name.(9)


Cap'n Dyke said...

Mmmmm, what do I win? ;)

Joyce said...

Well, since Circular Quay won yesterday, Tigger on a platter? ;-)

Hey, I bought two futures bets on Circular Quay, one for me and one for you. The odds on him were 12-1 when I bought the tickets (but they will probably go down since he won yesterday (not a rout, but he won by two lengths). Nonetheless, if he wins the Kentucky Derby, these will most likely pay better than any odds you get the day of the actual race.

Cap'n Dyke said...

Tigger on a platter sounds like a gourmet delicacy; I'll be takin' it then.

I can't believe ye bought Th' Cap'n a future bet. Now I have a tear in me good eye - an' I can't see...

Joyce said...

By th'way, thar, Cap'n, how'd ye hurt ye other eye t'begin with?

Aye, I did buy ye a bet, but 'tis only $2. If yer hoss wins, I do have t'cash it for ye here where I bought it. Do Lesbian Pirate Queens have PayPal accounts if'n that happens? :-)

And, Tigger would be a fine delicacy but one ye have t'acquire a taste for. ;-)

Cap'n Dyke said...

Me Naughty Tigger, Me Ol' Fencin' Master was just that - old. Remember when yer wee mother told ye t'put somethin' down because ye might put yer eye out? Well, I didn't put him down quick enough...

As far as th'bet, Ma Tigger Coquin, it be th'thought that counts. Buy grog on me with th'winnings!

An acquired taste? Well, Th' Cap'n be known as an epicurean.

Joyce said...

Me Cap'n, me mother was never wee. She'll always be larger than life t'me.

As fer yer fencin' master, agreed! Ye should've set him down, ye bully, and thus the dastardly poke is all yer fault.

But my, now, how dashing that eyepatch o'yers is. Perhaps we are acquired tastes.

I ask ye as a fellow epicurean, what's the most exotic thing ye've tasted?

Cap'n Dyke said...

Oh, Me Coquin, ye go first on this lil' be an order. Ummm, tell me specifically what kind o'taste we be talkin' about here?

As for th'eyepatch; it does lend a certain dash o'mystique t'any situation, that be truth. How was Th' Cap'n t'know Me Ol'Fencin' Master's sword hand would go all twitchy like that when he got nervous?

Joyce said...

Ha! Well, if'n ye picked me up, I'd be mighty twitchy. ;-)

Taste: ye know, it'd be the sensation ye get when things touch yer tongue.

I'll just cut to the quick: Tiggers taste like sea urchins, mild, a little salty, but extremely palatable. We'd be good sushi. (Tiggers don't like octopus or raw clam, and we abide squid in only tiny doses. And it has to be breaded and fried, and don't come near us with tentacles.)

Me Partner is ailin' ... looks like the flu. She'd be prone to bronchitis, so I reckon we'd best find a doctor here in SpoVegas.

Cap'n Dyke said...

OMIGODDESS, i hope yer partner be okay!!!!!!! Let me know, savvy?

As for taste, Th' Cap'n be partial t'a fine prime rib (hope not t'offend) an' a real German cheesecake (aye, i make it from scratch -- learned it from a German madchen who learned it from her mother, etc. back t'German eternity).

In fact, Th' Cap'n be quite th'make-it-from-scratch person an' has a wonderful taste for things that are exquisite! Oh, an' modest, verrrry modest.

Joyce said...

She's okay; she has allergies and so she gets bronchitis at least once a year, usually in either fall or spring. Rest and lots of soup usually does the trick, but if she can't fight it off, we'll have to get her some antibiotics.

Prime rib offensive? Nope, not to me. Me big muscle girl (my license plates in California even read "MSCLGRL"), so I like steak. Pile on the protein! I'm not exactly PC, if you haven't noticed. ;-)

Let's not discuss cheesecake; you're making me hungry.

Well, you'll never believe me if I say I'm modest, so I guess this must be the end of a beautiful friendship. LOL

Cap'n Dyke said...

LMFLPQAO! Don't ye back out on me now or I'll have t'get tough!

Joyce said...

:::rubbing toe on rug:::: ::::looking up shyly:::: Would you really get tough with me? Little old me?