Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cougs vs Bible Thumpers

Duck and cover! The brackets are completed! March Madness is about to commence. Here in Spokane, we're all bracing for the
Washington State Cougars
taking on Oral Roberts University, the Golden Eagles. (OK, some people care about Gonzaga too, but I don't. Sorry.)

I have driven by Oral Roberts U, which is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have a huge statue of praying hands right outside the university.

And you can see the Oral Roberts Prayer Tower.

It's beyond gaudy. And, if memory serves, there is, at least in the suburbs, a church on every corner, a pawn shop opposite, a porn shop opposite, and then a fast food chain on the other corner. Or maybe an ice cream shop.

Oral Roberts. Didn't this Esteemed Preacher once claim God was going to kill him unless he raised 8 million dollars? And Mr. Oral actually raised something like 9.5 million?

Then he went bankrupt the next year. Oops! Read about it here.

Why people still listen to Oral Roberts, or send their children to his university, is beyond me. Don't we know a scam when we see one?

But I digress. The Cougars are gonna pluck the Golden Eagles' tail feathers. And then maul them. The Golden Eagles had better summon all their prayers.

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