Saturday, March 3, 2007

Bay Meadows $1 Million Pick 6!

I don't think Bay Meadows has offered a million dollar Pick 6 pool in forever ... At least not that I've been aware of, unless there's been a carryover. Well, they're doing one today, so naturally Tigger must play! My significant other has limited me to a $36 ticket, so here is what I'm playing (altogether I may make some last minute changes based on what the 'cappers on TVG say):

Race 4: More Bertrando, Winning Stripes, Southside Johnny B
Race 5: Blazing Desert
Race 6: Silent Touch
Race 7: Calendar Issue, Great Prince, Resource Directory
Race 8: Mom Is Ready
Race 9: Free Rocket, Solid Reach

It's a pretty chalky ticket, but can't do much with $36. Wish me luck!

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