Thursday, March 1, 2007

Antonella Barba Sucks ... Apparently a Lot!

Tsk, tsk. Not only does Antonella Barba suck as a singer (in comparison to most of the other American Idol contestants), but now photos are emerging that, um, show Antonella Barba sucking. Literally. Now, I can't show you a photo of that as this is an all-American, sweet as apple pie kinda blog (ha), but the photo on the left should give you an idea.

The photo below shows ol' Antonella pretending to be a movie star in American Beauty.

The moral of the story is this: If you think you may ever be famous, do not, repeat, do NOT have your picture taken naked; or while committing sexual acts; or while sitting on the toilet; or while doing pretty much anything stupid.


Rayleen said...

Like I always say, never leave a paper trail! That includes images!!

Joyce said...

You're smart. Hey, Faythe posted that the blow job photos weren't real (though the other saucy ones are). Eh. She still sucks.

Joyce said...

Um, clarification. Faythe doesn't suck. Antonella Barba does.

Joyce said...

Hi, y'all! SiteMeter tells me that many, many people are stopping by this blog to see Antonella Barba sucking. Can't help you much, but try I did happen on a few photos there a week or so ago. Um, but you did know those are fake, right? Peace out.