Thursday, March 15, 2007

American Idol, Top 12

Arrgh! I can't believe America voted off Brandon Rogers last night but kept Sanjaya. I suspect it's because the little boy looks like Michael Jackson. (Brandon, pictured here, could be Lenny Kravitz if he got a nose ring.) Actually, the truth is, Sanjaya got votes from Vote for the Worst. Here's the gloating this morning:
Go Sanjaya! And thanks to everyone who voted for him! If we can move him ONE more week into the top 10, he'll go on tour and have to sing a Gwen Stefani song. So we HAVE to vote as much as possible next week. Come on, everyone, this could be the best show ever. Does anyone miss Brandon? Probably not. But now it's obvious that VFTW saved Sanjaya, because he was in the bottom 2 and didn't leave. Had we not voted for him, he would have been gone. Great work, everyone!
I have to admit, it is kinda funny to think of Sanjaya taking on a Gwen Stefani song. I'm thinking "Hella Good." Stay tuned.

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