Friday, February 16, 2007

Survivor: Fiji

Okay. For as bright a team collectively as Ravu appears to be, these dimwits sure can't seem to solve puzzles during immunity challenges. I still don't understand why Yau-Man isn't helping them spank Moto, since I'll bet that guy can solve Rubik's Cube in 30 seconds with a blindfold on. So, of course, they lost, and it was bye-bye to Erica.

Told ya Rocky was a jerk! He totally turned on her: so much for that alliance.

Of course, it was close: as I suspected, Sylvia's bossiness is getting to her tribemates. Her head's next on the chopping block if she doesn't find the immunity idol soon. And now she's got to beat Earl to the punch.

Earl, by the way, has earned my respect. He found the ganging up on Erica to be utterly distasteful and wanted no part of it. Good for him--was he the only one to be grateful to Erica for finding the pineapples that saved their butts to begin with?

Funniest moment: this was when Yao-Man "welcomed" Sylvia back from Exile Island with a big hug (while surreptitiously peeking into her bag to see if she'd found the hidden immunity idol).

Dumbest Survivor: Boo, who jabbed himself in the eye, cut his hand with an axe a few minutes later, and then broke the hammock and landed hard on his back. As Dreamz pointed out, "Boo is gonna hurt himself out of the game!" I think Boo had better start going by "Boo-Boo," or maybe "Owwie."

Let's hope that next week, Moto loses for a change.

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