Friday, February 9, 2007

Survivor: Fiji

For those who may not know, my significant other and I have several things in common: we love horse racing, we love each other, and we love Survivor! (We also love beer and wine, and last night shared a bottle of Seabiscuit Ranch Trifecta, which was luscious, but I'm digressing.) All of our friends know to not bother calling on Thursday nights at 8. We will not answer unless it's during a commercial.

So, here are our opinions of the players after the first show:

MOTO TRIBE (green buffs/the "haves"):

Alex: Harvard educated lawyer, good-lookin' fella, reminds me of Yul (who won last season, so he might get an "X" on his back early for that reason)

Boo: super buff dude from Lafayette, LA. I didn't know a white boy would ever refer to himself as "Boo" ... "Bubba" seems like a better fit for this guy.

Cassandra ("C"): older African American lady, seems outgoing and friendly. Not sure about her level of fitness; she could be seen as a liability in challenges but will probably fly under the radar a while.

Dre ("Dreamz"): A cheerleading coach who used to be homeless, so there's no question he's adaptable. His problem? He yaps way too much. Even though he seems lovable in some ways, I think his trash talkin' is going to drive some folks crazy.

Edgardo: Puerto Rican ad executive from Miami Beach. Another good-lookin' fella. Hard to get a fix on him yet.

Gary: 55 year-old school bus driver from Minnesota, with a beer belly to beat the band. But he's a 'Nam vet and apparently does rollerblading marathons so he at least has endurance. He could wind up being another Big Tom (whom I actually didn't like).

Liliana: from a large Mexican family of 8. Born in the U.S., though, and lives in Oxnard, CA, and did her time in the Marines. She seems pretty tough and may have what it takes.

Lisi: nutjob! LA customer service rep for a psychic hotline (I think). She's kinda got this weird punkish vibe and I suspect may be a little too "out there" for this crew.

Stacy: South Korean, very pretty and fit, from Boulder, CO. She says she's "cool enough to be a guy; catty enough to be a girl." Like that 'tude!

RAVU TRIBE (orange buffs/the "have nots")

Anthony: Here's a Yale grad from Compton, Los Angeles. He's clearly got a brain and probably can be quite calculating if he needs to be (given that his job is "expert witness locator.") If I were on Ravu and seeking out someone to form an alliance with, I'd approach him and also ...

Rita: Who went to UC Berkeley, has a degree in languages, lived in Mexico City for 11 years, and is now forging her way through the world as a single mom. She's tough and she's smart. Liability? She's an image consultant, a former model, and I'm afraid she might put some of the women off. Too MUCH poise, if there can be such a thing.

Sylvia: An architect from San Francisco! But alas, she's already irked Rita with her bossiness. "Bossiness," as we know, doesn't fly in Survivor. Still, she's clearly bright (hey, she designed the interiors of Pac-Bell Park, which is now AT & T Park, where the Giants play). For a 52 year-old woman, she's also pretty fit, I believe, into yoga, and she works out. But I don't think flying under the radar is something she's capable of, and that could get her kicked off. Let's hope she finds an immunity idol.

Michelle: the baby of the bunch, a 22 year-old student from Cincinnati. She's a rock climber so has mental and physical toughness, but she's skinny as a rail and has the world's squeakiest voice. I can see them kicking her off early if she doesn't prove herself pretty quickly in a challenge.

Mookie: buff Korean fella from Wheeling, IL. So far he's a little hard to read, but he is a Bearz fan so I have to hate him. ;-)

Yau-Man: here's a computer engineer who works at UC Berkeley and has his degree in physics from MIT. So why, oh why, didn't he get in on the puzzle-solving and help his team win the first immunity challenge? Because he's trying to not look like too much of a geek! Dude, it's clear you're a Super-Geek, so be yourself. There are enough smart people in your tribe that your brains will be valued. Liability is that his ability to handle physical challenges is in question.

James ("Rocky"): the LA bartender from Boston. What can I say? He's obnoxious and a loose cannon. Both Jessica (bye bye) and Erica showed phenomenally poor judgement trying to ally with this guy. I can't see him lasting very long because he mouths off too much and his tribemates are smarter than he is.

Erica: My heart goes out to her because she's from Lake Charles, LA, works for a non-profit as a fundraiser, and lost her home in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I can understand why she tried allying with Jessica (because Jessica had lived in New Orleans before), but let's hope her trying to hook up with Rocky was a mental lapse.

Earl: A senior ad exec from Santa Monica, though he's originally from Kansas. Seems fit enough and handsome enough but another hard one to get a read on. He's creative and is a composer in his spare time, so I'd put him in the "brain" column as well. Maybe he's a bit of a mama's boy.

Jessica: someone had to go. She wasn't any help in solving the puzzle and she was deemed to not add anything in particular to the tribe, so ...

A very smart alliance in this tribe would be: Earl, Rita, Sylvia, Yau-Man, and Anthony. The only problem would be, can this group beat Moto in challenges, especially when Moto is living in the lap of luxury by comparison?


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