Friday, February 2, 2007

Poor Gavin Newsom

Look at him. What's not to like? He's a rock star. He's Bill Clinton, Junior.

Actually, this photo of Gavin was taken at San Francisco Gay Pride. Now there's a man who is secure in his sexuality, not afraid to be seen waving amidst all the faeries and leathermen and Dykes on Bikes and all the fabulousness on display the last Sunday of every June in the City by the Bay.

One of Gavin's first acts as mayor was to declare gay marriage legal in San Francisco. And why not? If you don't approve of gay marriage, then don't marry someone of your same sex! But puh-leese. Don't give me lectures about gay marriage threatening the sanctity of heterosexual marriage. Why, darlin's, y'all don't need gay people for that. With a divorce rate at some 50%, and with people like Brittney Spears being able to marry in Vegas on a whim and then take it back the very next day, to what sanctity are you referring? And most of the politicians blustering about sanctity are twice or thrice-divorced, have had affairs, and are perched high atop the dungheap of hypocrisy.

So shut up already with the crowing about Gavin Newsom having had an affair several years ago with another fella's wife. True, what makes the situation particularly unpalatable is that the other fella was a friend of Gavin's. Still ... he who is without sin, go ahead and throw that first stone.

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