Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oprah Palsy-Walsy with Bill O'Reilly?!

I admit I don't watch Oprah every day, but maybe once or twice a week if the topic's a good one. Wednesday it was child sexual abuse and child predators: one question being explored was, why don't these kids run away from their kidnappers? Oprah's basic message was that no child who is molested should ever, EVER be blamed for what happened to him or her. I saw a trailer that said Bill O'Reilly was going to be on the show. "Oh goody," I thought. "Oprah's gonna rip him a new bunghole!" (You will remember, I hope, my rant when Bill O'Reilly criticized Shawn Hornbeck on his show, saying the boy could've escaped his captor and actually liked being kidnapped because he didn't have to go to school and such.)

But NO! That is not what happened on Oprah. Instead, Bill O'Reilly gets kudos for his "crusade" to crack down on child predators! What? Why is Oprah giving O'Reilly a platform to salvage his reputation? Doesn't she know O'Reilly was even disinvited from being the keynote speaker at a fund-raising dinner for the Center for Missing and Exloited Children, precisely because of what he bleated about poor Shawn on his silly excuse of a show?

Steve Young (not the football player) writes about this at SmokingChimp. You can also gripe to Oprah about it here.

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Anonymous said...

I totally don't mind her groping me in public; I REALLY fucking mind the pic angle which makes my ass look huge, as in, huuuuuge tracts of lahnd....

It was a great rally, Joyce. Gave us hope. Kinda like Barack.