Saturday, February 24, 2007

Move That Hand

My pal T always gropes women in public.


Anonymous said...

Let's try this again. I posted under the O'Reilly/Oprah dustup. Oops.

I totally don't mind her groping me in public; I REALLY fucking mind the pic angle which makes my ass look huge, as in, huuuuuge tracts of lahnd....

It was a great rally, Joyce. Gave us hope. Kinda like Barack

Joyce said...

"But I don't want land! I just want to ... SING!" I love the Quest for the Holy Grail myself. ;-)

Uh, Julia, yer ass don't look big. Put me in those same tights and then you'd see a true thunder thigh.

In the first Hillary/Barack showdown, Barack won that one hands down, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hands down, baby, and he's going to keep winning. I'm actually going see about volunteering for him around here somewhere. I'd even go door to door. Feel pretty strongly about this one.

Gracias for the kind thighs comment. T looks all proprietory-ish, dunt she?

Joyce said...

She does, and with good reason. ;-)