Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Lowly Eagles Spank Big Sky Leaders

Yeaaahh, baby!! I worked a basketball game tonight, Eastern Washington Eagles vs. Weber State. The Eagles have had a very middlin' kinda season. 'Twas looking like they'd not even make the conference tournament this year. But tonight, the Eagles proved themselves worthy by beating the conference leader, Weber State, 89-74.

Why do I care? Because my partner has dragged me to these home games, kicking and screaming and gnashing my teeth ... okay, not really. Actually, she puts me to work making hors d'ouevres and then, at halftime, pouring beers, for Da Big Donors! (All of whom are wonderful people.) This I haven't minded, but I have been bothered mightily as I have watched, for much of the season, the same stalwart fans come and cheer their team, while I have mouthed positive things to them, game after game, even when the team's been losing. So the fact that the Eagles won has me thrilled! Reese Court was thundering in sound.

Now that's cool.


Bob said...

Welcome to the S-R featured local bloggers...I've been out front for almost three years which would be something to brag about if it wasn't so kind of pathetic. Anyway, it's nice to have more lib blogs in this bastion of Republicanism.

Joyce said...

Hi Bob! Thanks for the welcome. I figure I'll just get rolled on down the S-R page as more newbies get added. :-) Definitely Spokane's been a bit of an adjustment after San Francisco. But in truth there are many more liberals here than I'd imagined. Or, at least, more people who aren't married to one particular party and won't even listen to another side. The stereotype, of course, is that everybody in the Inland Northwest is a white supremacist with a meth problem. ;-) 'Tain't so! :-)