Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Opening Day at Bay Meadows!

Bay Meadows is my favorite race track, and its days are numbered, too. They'll probably tear the place down in another year or so since it sits on prime real estate in San Mateo County, CA. But you can bet your sweet bippy I'll be glued to TVG (Channel 409 on Comcast in Spokane) this afternoon, while wagering at Brisbet. (Hi, my name is Joyce, and I have a gambling addiction.)

Here are my picks in today's races (exacta boxes):
1. She Made It Happen (3) with Wild Shenanigans (6)
2. Nicky Santoro (1) with Hot Knuckles (7)
3. Wicket Wager (5) with Naiad's Daughter (1)
4. Lyon's Pit (1) with Snow Pleasure (2)
5. Jorja's Strait (5) with Reina Del Diablo (1)
6. Exclusive Vow (3) with Excessively Crisp (4)
7. You Had Your Chance (3) with Megabyte (1)
8. We Will Prevail (2) with Chapel Ridge (7)

I will probably also do assorted trifectas, pick 3's, and superfectas once I see how the track is playing. Wish me luck!

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