Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hmm, Not Bad 'Cappin'

Here are today's winners:

1. She Made It Happen
2. Nicky Santoro
3. Wicket Wager
4. Lyon's Pit
5. Full Court Press
6. Barbarosso
7. Me My Mine
8. We Will Prevail

I picked 5 winners out of 8 races, not bad. Several of my horses were scratched so I didn't actually do all those exactas. I did hit the early Pick 3, but I had to kick myself in the head because I had actually picked the Pick 4 but was too cheap to add the last leg, so I didn't place the bet.

And for Joe Pesci fans, yes, Nicky Santoro is a horse he used to own, named after his character in Casino.

Have to get off the computer now because I am preparing a fabulous meal for my significant other, since, after all, it's Valentine's Day! :-)

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