Sunday, February 4, 2007

Gooooo, Colts! 29 - 17

Tigger was right! Tigger was right! Okay, now that I'm done with that ...

I admit, darlins, I was askeered when Chicago's Devon Hester began the game by running the opening kickoff back into the end zone for 92 yards. And then the rain made me throw my hands up in despair. The Bears are used to playing in bad weather, in snow and sleet and all the lake effect crap that falls on Soldier Field. So rain in warm weather, to those guys, is no big whoop.

But the Colts ended up playing far less sloppily than da Bearz. Peyton Manning deserved his Most Valuable Player status for finally proving he can keep a calm head under pressure.

Props to da Bearz D, though, for holding the Colts to mostly field goal kicks when they were well-positioned to score touchdowns. And the Colts f*cked up well enough, missing one field goal and an extra point. That must've been one slippery ball. Everyone kept dropping it. ;-)

I think what killed the Bears was their quarterback. My partner has some choice words for him that go something, nicely, along the lines of "punk-ass biatch." (Then again, she hates college ball players from Florida because apparently they are all criminals.) As for me, my question was, what can you really expect from someone named Gross Man? Not to mention that "Rex" is another pun altogether?

You also have to be proud of Tony Dungy, even if he looks like Yoda when he takes off his cap. Hmm, or maybe it's Gollum he better resembles?

Ah, I'm just kidding. Here's a man who won't even say a cuss word. He's also the first African American to coach a team that has won the NFL Championship Game! Way to go, big guy, and I'm happy Jesus helped you win.

I have, of course, things to say (tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday, depending on how my poor beer head feels) about the Super Bowl commercials. Quick assessment: the Anheuser-Busch ad about the rejected puppy who "became" a dalmatian was Da Bomb (but the Bud ads usually are among the best). The one that made me laugh the most was the "Robert Goulet messes with your stuff" ad for Emerald Nuts. Somebody's mind is as twisted as mine ... or I'm just getting old.

Until then, props to my Colts!


-Deb- said...

I was glad for Manning and the Colts (sorry Edgerrin James wasn't still there to enjoy it). But I am so irritated at the outrageous evangelical testimonies from the owner and Dungy that I won't root for them again...


Joyce said...

I hear ya, Deb. Did you click on the Jesus link? It takes you to MCC's webpage titled "Would Jesus Discriminate?" ;-)

Thanks for popping by ...