Friday, February 16, 2007

Glad That Tree Fell the Other Way

It's beautiful in Spokane today! High 40s, sunny ... I did my usual elliptical training first thing in the morning; later on when I went out to go to the gym to heave weights around, I was kicking myself for not running outside instead.

This afternoon, I went to the mailbox, and the apartment manager stopped me for a chat. "What
do you think of that tree behind your apartment?" she asked.

"What tree?"

She laughed. "It seems nobody's noticed it. Probably a good thing."

She went on to tell me a tree had toppled behind my building and landed at the end of the driving range. Apparently no one is sure whether the land the tree stood on is city property or belongs to the apartment complex. So the fallen pine might lay there for a while. Meanwhile, with the weather getting better, folks over at the golf course are feeling twitchy, despite the fact that they never hit balls down to the far end of the driving range except by accident.

As for me, I'm just glad that tree fell in the direction it fell. And that the fog has lifted so that I can see more than 5 feet beyond my balcony.

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