Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bill Stupid Butthead O'Reilly

Most of the time Fox's Bill O'Reilly amuses me because he's such an obvious blowhard. I mean, how can anyone take seriously a man who croons over the phone to a desired sweetheart that he wants to scrub her with a falafel? (Oops, turns out he meant loofah.) Not to mention that his ethics are in question since the object of his affection wasn't interested in him or in his repeated overtures, and, if memory serves, she was also a co-worker. Wasn't there a harassment suit that was settled out of court? Anyway ...

But the big doofus has stepped over the line once again by attacking Shawn Hornbeck, the young man who was kidnapped in Missouri by the Pizzeria Pervert, Michael Devlin. O'Reilly questions why Shawn (who was eleven years old when he was kidnapped) didn't try to escape when he had ample opportunity to, and O'Reilly suggests he didn't because Shawn liked the excitement, thought it was fun being with his kidnapper, he didn't have to go to school, and yadda blah, yadda blah. (See the appalling video at Crooks and Liars.)

To Greta Van Susteren's credit (she was on O'Reilly's show), she kept reminding O'Reilly that Elizabeth Smart did the same thing when she was kidnapped--i.e, she could've escaped on several occasions, but that they're scared; they're KIDS. It's easy for them to be manipulated by adults. O'Reilly pooh-poohed this and said it didn't apply to Hornbeck, who is clearly neurotic: just look at his piercings.

Aside from being offensive for a whole handful of reasons, what makes this worse is that, by claiming the victim liked his treatment, O'Reilly is, in a way, defending Devlin's actions (i.e., where's the harm if the kid liked it?!) Pedophiles should really cluster around O'Reilly and cheer him on for this one. Because isn't that what they believe? Their victims want to be sexually assaulted and "loved" by them. (Pardon me while I back away from the keyboard and shudder.)

Never mind, too, that new information is coming out that Devlin may be responsible for the disappearance of at least one other child and also for the kidnapping of Ben Ownby, who was no doubt fortunate Devlin had ahold of him for only four days. I don't even want to think about what was likely in store for little Ben. We call people like Michael Devlin child predators for a reason. Make a note of it, Bill Stupid Butthead O'Reilly.


Anonymous said...

Steven Colbert was on O'Reilly the other night. Colbert has the superior IQ, but O'Reilly is an old fart anyway

lizfan said...

EVERYONE'S I.Q. is higher than O'Reilly's.

Joyce said...

You definitely have a point. Did you catch him and Geraldo sniping at each other the other night? It would've been funny had it not been so darn pathetic.